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Updated: Jul 2

Harcourts broadcast its national awards live from VideoTaxi’s Auckland studios this week.

Harcourts and VideoTaxi have proved that large-scale corporate events such as award ceremonies can still be celebrated while maintaining social distancing.

The leading real estate company took an innovative approach to its national awards, one of the most important dates on its calendar, and broadcast the ceremony live from VideoTaxi’s Auckland studios.

Social distancing has had a significant impact on how Kiwi companies hold conferences and other events, but instead of postponing or cancelling, Harcourts decided to broadcast the entire event live, via Zoom.

“It was a great success,” says Harcourts Managing Director Bryan Thomson. “We were able to bring well over 1000 of our people together and celebrate their individual achievements. It’s important to demonstrate that life and business go on, and an event like this gives people something really positive to focus on.”

Specifically designed animated graphics were part of the multi-component mix.

The VideoTaxi and Harcourts teams worked closely to ensure that the broadcast, which had many ‘moving parts’, went smoothly.

“Our technicians and the Harcourts’ team did a superb job of delivering a seamless broadcast,” says Bruce Knoetze, VideoTaxi’s head ‘cabbie’. “We had animated graphics, PowerPoint slides, live entertainment and the master of ceremonies all being mixed from one outgoing source, via Zoom, while allowing interactivity with the audience.”

Large corporate events are vital to building company culture and strengthening networks within business. Current social distancing rules restrict physical gatherings to 10 people, but businesses can still hold large and spectacular events using video technology.

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