Length does matter

How to grow your total views from 8% to 41%

How long should your commercial be on social media?

There is no exact rule here, but we’d love to share a recent experiment we conducted with our own social media campaign using Linkedin.

Promoting our new “Jump Start” package, we produced 2 commercials, 1 minute 12 seconds long and the other 47 seconds long.

Over the period of a week, these commercials received 11,343 views, with 8% of people watching them to the end.

In the second week, we simply took the existing commercials and cut them down to 24 seconds and 18 seconds respectively.

We experienced a dramatic result! We had 41% of people view the newly cut commercials to the end, a significant increase compared to the first week of the campaign.

Putting this in context, a 41% view to the end is a very respectable number by any standard, especially when a lot of marketers are happy with a number around 10 – 12%.

As a note, these commercials were NOT re-written, just simply cut back from the original edit.

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