Ranked #1 NZ’s most responsive video producer

Established just over 2 years ago, VideoTaxi is already regarded as New Zealand’s most responsive video production company, delivering high quality content for incredible value. At the heart of this proposition is VideoTaxi’s unique business model. Recognizing that the exponential growth of social media in business communication would also mean an unprecedented demand for video content. Therefore the producers at VideoTaxi developed a new way to deliver more video content for less, and most importantly, in an uncomplicated way. VideoTaxi clients have their own dedicated producer (“cabbie”) on call 24/7. The “cabbie” is fully equipped with all the latest technology and can work from any location. There is a simple hourly rate covering ALL services within an annual subscription. As a result, the rates are extremely competitive and there are no restrictions as to when a client can use their hours within the 12 months. VideoTaxi has now introduced this model to affiliates in Brazil, the EU and the United States. Check out this testimonial from Assa Abloy, a multi-national who uses VideoTaxi in New Zealand.

VideoTaxi offers subscription based video content in the wider Auckland region. We provide creative, affordable, engaging and fun videos for TV commercials, educational content, tutorials, social media content, YouTube advertising and internal training videos for businesses.

We also provide services to Wellington, Christchurch, Bay of Plenty and Dunedin.


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