In this constantly evolving crisis, VIDEOTAXI is evolving too.

We can help NOW with your leadership communications to staff, customers and other stakeholders. 
How can we help YOU during this lockdown?

  • Remote video capture

    • Yes, we can work with you to capture and create communications without having to visit you in person. Easy with your phone and our VideoTaxi app.

    • Yes, we have the full ability, whilst working from home, to apply all our creative treatments

      • Graphics

      • Captions

      • Animations

      • Soundtrack

      • Your library footage

  • Messaging/Content placement/hosting

    • Yes, we can work with you to place/host your messaging/content and get it to your target audience.

Our offer can be tailored to your current situation during this difficult time.
Contact us NOW and let’s get started.

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