Succeeding through lockdown

Communication is the key

In March, one thing businesses learned smartly was if they continued to communicate with their customers and staff, they were still in game. That’s because the initial Covid-19 lockdown taught us that marketing and communication are even more crucial in challenging times and that video is most compelling way to convey messages.

Kiwi-owned VideoTaxi helped many leading New Zealand organisations with their communication throughout this unprecedented time and their businesses remained active both during lockdown and when they were emerging from it.

Now Auckland is back in level 3 (the rest of the country in Level 2) businesses have the chance to harness the power of video to reach staff and customers. A VideoTaxi campaign can help them to bounce back and come out of lockdown even stronger.

Communication is key to success and there is no doubt that video is the most effective, emotive and engaging tool available. More than 82 % of all consumer internet traffic is now video and, most importantly, viewers retain 95 % of a message when it is in this form. That compares with just 10 % when it is text.

Also worth noting, 72 % of customers would rather learn about a product or service from a video.

So give your business a boost during these tricky times and join the video revolution. Contact VideoTaxi TODAY and we’ll help put a winning video communication strategy in place for you.
VideoTaxi offers subscription based video content in the wider Auckland region. We provide creative, affordable, engaging and fun videos for TV commercials, educational content, tutorials, social media content, YouTube advertising and internal training videos for businesses.

We also provide services to Wellington, Christchurch, Bay of Plenty and Dunedin.

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